Women in STEM

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Despite being just as qualified as male peers in the science and engineering fields, female students are looked down upon and discouraged in those fields. The environment in these fields gives female students a feeling of Imposter Syndrome, as if they did not belong in these areas just because of their gender.

As a female student in a science major, I wish I could say this is not something I’ve experienced. But this has often been an unfortunate reality that I have faced.

Read more from MIT’s “Report on Undergraduate Women” here.

Submitted by Yvonne Lei, CC 2018 (Biology Major)


Photo Campaign Preview


Today, over thirty Columbia students joined the HeForShe campaign!  We asked students to tell us why gender equality mattered to them.

Here were some of our favorite responses:

  • “My best friends should be paid as much as me.”
  • “No woman’s chance of success should be limited by gender stereotypes.”
  • “I want a better world for my little sister.”
  • “It’s the 21st century. Let’s act like it.”

We will launch the photo campaign in April on our HeForShe Columbia Facebook page. Thank you to all of the Columbia students who made their commitment to gender equality.

HeForShe Arts Week


This week, HeForShe is launching Arts Week in New York City! Art helps us to convey the positive impact of equality. It is both peaceful and provocative. As Emma Watson said at the launch event on Tuesday, you can’t unsee a good film or a good play. The message of love that art spreads will stay with you.

Join us! We will be touring art galleries, attending plays, and watching improv. We’ll be live tweeting Arts Week from @hfscolumbia.

Pledge to support gender equality at heforshe.org.