“You don’t need a daughter to know Trump bragging about sexual assault is vile”


TW: sexual assault

“There seems to be this idea out there that men can only understand sexism, rape or harassment if they think about the victim as a daughter or wife. Why would that be? It’s about thinking of women as possessions. Imagine if Trump was bragging about stealing a piano. And you had to tell someone, ‘Imagine if I stole your guitar you really love,’ in order for them to understand that stealing was wrong.”

Read the article from Huffington Post here.  by Emily Peck



“Hillary Clinton’s ‘Angry’ Face”

Lisa Feldman Barrett, a professor of psychology at Northeastern University, discusses her research proving stereotypes shape how we perceive emotions of women and the detrimental effects of these stereotypes:

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Eat a cookie. Save the world. See you next semester!

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Girls on the Run – Fundraiser with Insomnia Cookies & Gamma Phi.

TODAY: Monday, May 2, 11AM-2PM, Lerner Table #1. Click here to access the Facebook event.

Any cookies you buy from Insomnia Cookies (111th and Amsterdam) today will benefit Girls on the Run NYC. You can also purchase them in Lerner from 11AM-2PM.

Final Notes for 2015-16.

Thank you all for a wonderful year. We started with our Girl Rising panel and ended with our UN Women Tour. We have accomplished so much. We are only just beginning.

Standing ovation to Executive Board 2015-16: Yvonne Lei, Ruth Waddington, Pawel Maslag, Ben Carlin, Sarah Breen, and Sophia Seidenberg. They have put in countless hours this semester.

Email hfscolumbia@gmail.com with any agenda ideas for next semester.

Warm Wishes,

Sarah Whittenburg, CC 2016, President

Women in STEM

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Despite being just as qualified as male peers in the science and engineering fields, female students are looked down upon and discouraged in those fields. The environment in these fields gives female students a feeling of Imposter Syndrome, as if they did not belong in these areas just because of their gender.

As a female student in a science major, I wish I could say this is not something I’ve experienced. But this has often been an unfortunate reality that I have faced.

Read more from MIT’s “Report on Undergraduate Women” here.

Submitted by Yvonne Lei, CC 2018 (Biology Major)

Photo Campaign Preview


Today, over thirty Columbia students joined the HeForShe campaign!  We asked students to tell us why gender equality mattered to them.

Here were some of our favorite responses:

  • “My best friends should be paid as much as me.”
  • “No woman’s chance of success should be limited by gender stereotypes.”
  • “I want a better world for my little sister.”
  • “It’s the 21st century. Let’s act like it.”

We will launch the photo campaign in April on our HeForShe Columbia Facebook page. Thank you to all of the Columbia students who made their commitment to gender equality.

HeForShe Arts Week


This week, HeForShe is launching Arts Week in New York City! Art helps us to convey the positive impact of equality. It is both peaceful and provocative. As Emma Watson said at the launch event on Tuesday, you can’t unsee a good film or a good play. The message of love that art spreads will stay with you.

Join us! We will be touring art galleries, attending plays, and watching improv. We’ll be live tweeting Arts Week from @hfscolumbia.

Pledge to support gender equality at heforshe.org.